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FIRE + ICE ink deal with Auerbach Tonträger


FIRE + ICE have signed a comprehensive deal including their full catalogue with Auerbach Tonträger. The project formed by British neofolk veteran Ian Read, who is also well known for his work with DEATH IN JUNE, SOL INVICTUS, and CURRENT 93 will announce further news in due time.

FIRE + ICE comment: "I am pleased to have signed with Auerbach Tonträger and the Prophecy label family", writes mastermind Ian Read. "I look forward to a fruitful collaboration with this forward looking company with much to offer any musical enterprise in the coming years."

Martin Koller adds: "I am particularly excited to announce the signing of FIRE + ICE as a new signing for our re-launched label Auerberbach Tonträger as Ian Read represents neofolk in its most classic form", tells the label's founder. "I have been following Ian Read's musical career for a long time and most gladly welcome this stalwart of the neofolk scene on the label."

As a first step in this collaboration, original FIRE + ICE pressings as well as associated releases from Ian Read's own imprint Fremdheit can now be obtained via Auerbach.

Prophecy: Musik und Identität seit 1996.
Seit der ersten Veröffentlichung im Jahr 1996 steht Prophecy für identitätsstiftende Musik und die hochwertige Gestaltung und Verpackung von Tonträgern.

Prophecy sind Teil von SPKR -
Vielfältiges, unabhängiges Medienunternehmen, das sich auf Entdeckung und Herstellung, Vertrieb und Präsentation hochwertiger Musik und Kunst versteht.