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Gabriel Mafa (Negru): Worte zum Abschied


Last night we learned about the death of Gabriel Mafa aka Negru, drummer and founding member of Negură Bunget. We have no detailed information yet about the circumstances, but considering that the news were spread by Negura Bunget vocalist/guitarist Tibor Kati, we assume they are true. At the moment, this just leaves us in a limbo-like state of consternation like many of you out there.
As a fan of Negura Bunget since 2003, having seen the band live for the first time in 2005, I along with other Prophecy staff members got to know Gabriel and his fellow musicians closer in spring 2007 in Bonn where we wanted to speak about a future cooperation between Negura Bunget and Prophecy. From then on, we at Prophecy have been in regular touch with Gabriel and realized many projects together. We are particularly proud of his short-living folk project Din Brad, which will probably always be one of the hidden gems in the Prophecy catalogue.
Gabriel was always bustling, working hard and full of ambitious ideas with big plans for the future. In an ideal world we would have released full Negura Bunget films, there would have been live broadcasts of Negura concerts from the Transilvanian wilderness and several more extraordinary things Gabriel had in mind for his band.

Right now, it is hard to find the proper words for the situation and to channel our feelings. The entire Prophecy staff wants to express their heartfelt sympathies to Gabriel's family and friends as well as the remaining Negura Bunget members.

Stefan Belda on behalf of Prophecy Productions

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